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The challenge

The industry body for data-driven marketing and advertising, ADMA wanted us to produce a series of videos with bigwig marketing heads, imparting their stories to a network of industry members. 


Approached to produce the videos, the initial brief was a proposed series of generic q&as with each interviewee in their office. We could have easily coasted along with the brief of snooze-worthy, corporate interviews, but that’s just not our jam. 

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What we did

We’re all about creating something that audiences actually WANT to watch.


Respectively suggesting an alternative to the generic, identikit format, we came up with a new concept for the series: ‘alter egos’ the personal passions behind these marketing heavy-hitters, and how these passions have made each successful in the workplace. 

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The result

Not only did our idea make the subject much more relatable, it also added visual variety and interest with different locations (i.e. not a boring, beige office) making each video way more watchable.



For example, we coaxed Commonwealth Bank’s marketing head onto her SUP and out onto Sydney Harbour, cajoled Qantas’s head of customer experience into a jazz bar for a tinkle on the piano, and persuaded Carnival Cruise Line's VP to don her trainers and hit her favourite trail run. 

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