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A results-driven, strategic, creative comms agency with journalism at its core, Moon Dog Media was born after recognising a gap in the market for a content marketing and comms agency with proven experience on the mass market media front line. 


Working with us means you’ll have access to a network of the most knowledgeable media experts and content creators in the Asia Pacific, from national print journalists and prime time TV producers, to super-skilled stylists and art directors, all of whom have honed their skills across the world’s biggest media outlets. 


Having spent years developing and creating content (and media strategies) designed to win over millions of Australians, we know that you need to work hard to win an audience’s attention. Especially in this era of content and comms overload. 


Whether it’s video production, ongoing blog post management, copywriting for digital marketing materials, communications, social media, strategy, PR consulting, podcast creation, art direction or custom print publications; we’re here to apply our journalistic sensibilities to help bring your brand’s story to life and to make it as engaging and authentic as it can be. On budget, and on time.  

Meet the team

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