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The challenge

Who hasn’t been to a Merlin Entertainment attraction?  A global operator with more than 130 attractions under its belt, Merlin is the biggest owner of visitor attractions in both Australia and New



So we were thrilled the the APAC comms team engaged us to create a new PR strategy across the brand’s Sydney properties, including SEA LIFE Aquariums, WILD LIFE, and Madame Tussauds. 


What we did

Having a keen news sense — coupled with umpteen years of on the job experience, across mass market TV, digital and print — we were able to spend time within each attraction, and to chat to employees, to unearth solid gold. 

Hooks, talent, angles, YouTube content, potential podcasts, targeted media, influencer engagement, international PR strategy — we delivered a wealth of ideas, along with a strategy on how to implement them. 


The result

“Moon Dog Media consulted across our portfolio of brands at Merlin Entertainments and provided amazingly insightful and creative ideas — ideas that could only come from an experienced team of journalists and media professionals.  If you’re looking for a team that really ‘gets’ content and audience engagement, look no further.”

Kristy Brown, Head of Public Relations, ANZ, Merlin Entertainments Group

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