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The challenge

Ahead of the annual World Autism Awareness Week, we were approached by Autism Awareness Australia — an organisation set up to help empower Aussies on the spectrum and the families that love them — to create all digital marketing materials for a week-long series of events, which would culminate in a large, Ted Talks-style program of speakers at the iconic Sydney Opera House. 


What we did

Accustomed to unearthing powerful real life stories, we worked with the program of local and international speakers — shining a light on powerful stories, including the story of a local GP who embarked on a six month backpacking journey with his autistic son — to create emotive copy that would draw audiences to the calendar of events. 

Getting to grips with the nuances of autism (dos and don’ts, correct language and the like) via thorough journalistic research, we translated the brief into marketing copy that was both sensitively produced and highly engaging. 


The proof is, as they say, in the pudding. Our marketing materials saw the Opera House packed with the iconic structure even bathed in blue light especially for the occasion — now that’s a ‘tick’ of our success!

Autism Awareness Australia have since used our services in an ongoing capacity for press releases, sponsorship proposals, other large-scale event marketing, and even for penning their annual report. 


The result

"Briefed with creating marketing materials for a week-long series of events — including a talk at the Sydney Opera House — Paul and his team worked to create highly engaging content that was both thoughtfully and sensitively produced. We’ve since used Moon Dog Media for press releases, sponsorship proposals, and other large-scale event marketing, and I can’t recommend them enough.” 

Elizabeth Sarian, Executive Manager, Autism Awareness Australia

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